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About OPS

OPS is a digital-first campaigns firm that specializes in strategy backed by science. From all aspects of digital advertising to content creation, fundraising campaigns, and social engagement – we deliver on your goals with measured results. OPS works with the best digital experts in Canada and the USA to keep you at the cutting edge of winning progressive campaigns.

Working with OPS means connecting directly with the top experts in the field of online campaigns, and working with them closely to meet your goals. By tapping into a network of the best creative and technical digital campaign practitioners in Canada, OPS provides creative and technical execution at the highest level for any size and scale of campaign.


Oliver Pare

Oliver Paré
Founder and President

Oliver Paré is a senior digital strategist and founder and president of the progressive digital firm OPS. He has held leadership roles on federal, provincial and municipal campaigns, including as Digital Director and Head of Fundraising for the Ontario NDP from 2016 to 2022 and Digital Director for the Federal NDP in 2019.


Andrew Eldredge-Martin
Senior Advisor

Andrew Eldredge-Martin is media and measurement strategist with 19 years experience working with candidates, causes and brands in the United States and Canada. He is a senior advisor at OPS and the founder/president of Measured Campaigns.

Andrew Eldredge-Martin


  • Digital Strategy

  • Ad Campaigns

  • Impact Measurement

  • Online Polling and Surveys

  • Email Fundraising

  • Social Media Content and Strategy

  • Web Services

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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